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The first fan-create NFT platform that contributes a percentage of sales to fund the DAO Sports Association so that, others can get paid to play sports.

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Joy for the eye to see.

Retinal Delights NFTs
Joy for the eye to see.

Fan-create NFT platform that contributes a portion of art sales to fund the DAO Sports Association so that others can get paid to play sports.

Strctrl Systems
.Innovation .Inspired

Blockchain engineering, smart contract development and DAO governance.

DAO Sports Association
Governed by fans, played by heroes.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

DAO Baseball League
Putting the "all" in baseball using blockchain technology.
Los Angeles
Blue Sox

DAO Women's Baseball Team


DAO Women's Baseball Team

Las Vegas

DAO Women's Baseball Team

Black Sox

DAO Women's Baseball Team

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